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Zak and Sara

I miss Jon. My Aries...to the Rainbow Fractal.

I'm in Washington,still working at Denny's with my little family of coworkers who care,and my boss who adores me (one out of three aint bad). Im living out of my friend's house and motel rooms beginning today. I have the flu. I'm not eating anough. I have a new relationship with a couple who seems to like me a lot. My last dose of Prozac was today. Im going to "self-medicate" from now on,I think. I don't know. The holidays are lame. I don't even have plans for Halloween. I had plans for Halloween in Seattle with Jon...but no more. I talk about Jon compulsively. I read a Stephen King book made last year called Lisey's Story. It was helpful. A widow delves seamlessly into the trauma and bloody past of her child-form husband,and conquers a murderer. Interesting. I am the bee and I feel nothing. My affair with bossman continues. SLACKER.

I feel all over the place. Nothing....and everything.

"Everything is changing and I still feel the same."

-Sarah M.